Maximum Fitness Online Personal Training Packages

1x    35min Free Consultation
Space & Equipment Evaluation & Program Design

35min Workouts (1-2 People) = $75

45min Workouts (1-3 People) = $85


35min Workouts (1-2 People) = $325

45min Workouts (1-3 People) = $400


35min Workouts (1-2 People) = $550

45min Workouts (1-3 People) = $750

   Adding additional people to Workouts = $10 per person per workout


For information, questions, or inquiries please email Aaron: [email protected] or call 619.261.7233


Maximum Fitness – Online Personal Training

Maximum Fitness Online Personal Training is designed to give you the best workout to meet your needs in the comfort of your own Home, backyard, office, hotel or wherever you may be. Aaron Miter of Maximum Fitness Online Personal Training has 25+ years of experience to create an Online personalized workout program just for you!

Online Personal Training breaks down the barriers of traditional in-person training. Using technology like Zoom or FaceTime allows you to get quality workouts anywhere in the world. It also allows you to workout with friends or family even if they are somewhere else.

Stop wasting Time and Money driving to the gym, sitting in traffic, and paying membership fees. No need to deal with waiting for sweaty, dirty gym equipment or signing up for classes. All you have to do is schedule an appointment with Maximum Fitness Online Personal Training.

Workouts are 35-45 minutes. Short enough to fit into you day but long enough to get you a heart pumping, calorie burning workout to propel you through your day! Don’t forget that your Body weight is your best piece of equipment for a great workout. In most cases very little equipment is needed to do Online workouts, in fact, in some situations NO equipment is needed. We will help guide you to anything you may need to purchase in order to get a fantastic workout Online wherever you may be.

No matter if you are 15ys or 95yrs, Maximum Fitness Online Personal Training will design a workout that fits your special needs and goals. We know that every body is different and everyone’s needs require personal attention. Most online training programs are designed with a one size fits all approach. Maximum fitness will never take that approach because it’s not truly personal training. Our approach is to provide Motivation and Accountability with person to person workouts Online.

For 25+ years, Aaron Miter of Maximum Fitness has helped people of all ability levels succeed in reaching their fitness goals and have fun doing it. So start your Online Workouts Today!


Maximum Fitness – Online Personal Training for Seniors 65+

Aaron Miter of Maximum Fitness has designed workouts for 65+ clients for many years. Seniors have an amazing ability to make progress, even if they are just starting a workout program for the first time in their life. As we age, the rate of agility, mobility, flexibility, bone density, muscle strength, core strength & endurance decreases at an alarming rate. All of these things are critical to maintain in our later years. They are critical not only for physical health but for the ability and confidence to perform everyday tasks. Aaron Miter of Maximum Fitness will carefully design an exercise program that meets any special needs and that will increase quality of life beyond 65.

Are you are over 65 and think its to late to start a workout program and need some inspiration? Check out the video of Bruce in the video gallery. He decided for his 80th Birthday to challenge his entire family to a planking competition and Won! This may not be everyone’s goal but you can still be your best over 65 and live life to the fullest through exercise.

It’s never too late to get started! Let Aaron Miter of Maximum Fitness design and guide you to the next level of fitness in your golden years. So what are you waiting for? Make your Online Personal Training appointment today!


Over the past 25 years Aaron Miter has worked with all types of clients. What types of clients you ask?

  • Clients as young as 15 years all the way up to 96 years.
  • Clients with 10, 20, 30, 50 or more pounds to lose.
  • Clients with Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  • Clients with Cerebral Palsy.
  • Clients recovering from back, knee or shoulder surgery.
  • Clients preparing for their first race, a 10K to the next Half Marathon.


However you want to challenge yourself or whatever challenges you’re up against, Aaron Miter of Maximum Fitness Online Personal Training can help you succeed.

To schedule your FREE consultation and find out how Maximum Fitness can help you please contact [email protected] or call 619.261.7233